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Broaden Their Horizon

At Allison Collier Travel, we specialize in planning travel for families of all sizes. Inspiration is one of our strengths….. trust us to help you create a trip that accomplishes your goals with comfort and ease.  

Traveling with


is an incredible opportunity.


Life is an adventure and traveling to Europe is a wonderful opportunity for families to explore and learn about the world - experience a different culture, hear a new language, try new foods, explore amazing historical sites. 

Explore London and Paris over Spring Break, a classic combo. Visit Florence and Rome for Christmas, rich with history and culture. 
Discover Ireland on Summer Vacation, the gorgeous Green Isle.  

Adventure to Athens and the Greek Isles, a mythical mixture of history, culture and beaches.     
Enjoy Spain Anytime, abundant delicious food, natural beauty and gorgeous art & architecture.    

Consider River and Ocean Cruising, an effortless way to see entire regions of Europe with ease and comfort. 


Of course, there are endless, amazing possibilities for travel within the United States. From coastlines to big cities, the U.S. is made up of so many diverse destinations it’s hard to choose.  

Tour the Mighty Five National Parks on a classic U.S. road trip, a wealth of natural splendour that will astonish!   

Experience the beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii, from greens sand beaches to an active volcano, it’s an adventurer’s paradise.

Telluride is at the top of the list - a world class ski resort in winter and a fantastic summer destination for families looking for pristine nature, abundant activities and a quaint, western town with great restaurants, bars and shopping.  

Hop in a convertible in Miami & head south slowly - a Key West roadtrip is a quintessential U.S. journey that can include airboating the everglades, snorkeling crystal clear waters, conch fritter pit stops and kayaking through the mangroves.  

Visit New York City, teaming with the world’s best museums, awe inspiring skyscrapers, the best in theatre and restaurants serving delicious food from all over the globe.    


And, the Caribbean! What’s the right Island for your family? We’ve got a few ideas…

The Bahamas offers clear blue shallow water with excellent fishing and a plethora of superb restaurants.    

A vacation in the British Virgin Islands is all about boating - with over 60 islands to visit known as nature’s little secrets by the locals. 

St Lucia brims with rainforests and the lush Piton Mountains - activities include hiking, zip lining, and hot springs.

Anguilla is known for easy snorkeling and fabulous restaurants. It’s easy to have a great time exploring the island as each beach has its own unique personality.  

Think outside the box

And, if you’re looking for a unique, active, family adventure to wow consider a trip to Machu Picchu Peru to hike part of the Inca Trail - a truly amazing expedition.

Or, experience Africa’s breathtaking landscapes on a wildlife safari with a trip that includes a hot air balloon ride, stays in exotic lodges and activities that will please everyone. 
Create unforgettable, cherished memories together!    

Keep in mind, families typically travel on school breaks which are considered high season for many destinations, so it’s important to plan ahead!  

Our Travel Goals are easy to put off - to when you have more time or more money or both!

The ebb and flow of the seasons of life and the free time and budget associated with these seasons affect the where, when and how of our travel dreams. Let us work with you to organize and prioritize your travel dreams into a customized, long-range plan to accomplish your travel goals.  

As your personal travel advisor, our goal is to provide thoroughly researched, well-planned travel services in an effort to enhance our clients' lives.


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