A life well lived, a trip well planned.  

Broaden YOUR Horizon

If you want to do it - we’ll work with you to pull it all together and make it happen! Enthusiasm, dedication and professional contact with the world’s best travel suppliers are our top resources.  

Active Travel

If being Active while seeing a beautiful part of the world is of interest - we have an abundance of ideas - biking through California wine country, hiking along Italy’s Amalfi Coast, walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago or trekking in Patagonia- you name it, we can put together a trip that includes all the adventure you want. The world is filled with destinations best reached by the road less travelled and oftentimes best enjoyed at a slower pace. Take advantage of our relationship with preferred suppliers that offer the ideal of both adventure and luxury. 

Celebration Travel

Celebrating life’s milestones is important! A big birthday gives many reasons to pause and consider what is important in life. Often, time away with loved ones is at the top of that list - a unique once in a lifetime adventure together is special for everyone. A gift of time together to celebrate something special is a wonderful and unique experience that creates unforgettable memories. The options are abundant - this may be the perfect opportunity to visit a bucket list destination. We’ll work with you through the fun process of brainstorming your best options based on your interests and ideas.  

Couples Travel

For Couples travelling without children the options are endless. We’ll help you sort through your best options based on interests, goals and time. Perhaps a river cruise cruise through the Rhine Valley or an ocean cruise along the Croatian Coast? Let’s discuss your ideas and options together - a simple, quick getaway to the Bahamas for a bit of fishing, a relaxing bike trip through California wine country or a golf and garden trip to Scotland with one or two other couples. Spending time away together is a lovely way to relax, connect and just have fun!

Honeymoon Travel

Honeymoons are each one of a kind and very special. Our goal is to inspire young couples to daydream about their options, eventually landing on the perfect combination of romance, activity, interests and budget. A few popular options: Belize, Hawaii, St. Barths, the Amalfi Coast or Santorini, Greece. We’ll craft a honeymoon just right for your thoughts and interests. 

Group Travel

How much fun to travel with a Group of friends that share a common interest! Whatever your group's interest is – a shared celebration, a passion for golf, an interest in wine, a love of English gardens - let us gather and coordinate the trip’s details and logistics. Meet the experts, immerse yourselves in learning more, have a good time! We’ll make certain the details are taken care of and the trip is filled with just the right combination of learning and fun!  

Graduation Travel

Often, parents want to celebrate a child's highschool or college Graduation with the gift of a fun trip along with other friends. Let us handle it all - resort selection, group flights, transfers and activities. The more the merrier!

Cruise Travel

Some of the most beautiful and interesting regions of world are best and most easily seen from a River or Ocean Cruise.    
River and Ocean cruises are a delightfully, laid-back way to experience an area of the world. You unpack once, relax and shift into enjoying the learning, the seeing and the experiencing! 

Our Travel Goals are easy to put off - to when you have more time or more money or both!

The ebb and flow of the seasons of life and the free time and budget associated with these seasons affect the where, when and how of our travel dreams. Let us work with you to organize and prioritize your travel dreams into a customized, long-range plan to accomplish your travel goals.  

As your personal travel advisor, our goal is to provide thoroughly researched, well-planned travel services in an effort to enhance our clients' lives.


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