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Well-Planned, Luxury Travel


The very best process.  We love getting to know our clients, their interests, preferences, and expectations for the trip so they get a customized and tailored trip itinerary.

The very best research. This is the good stuff!  We plan a thoughtfully designed itinerary combining the pieces of our process together to make certain the trip is logistically seamless. 

The very best connections.  We trust and value our preferred luxury suppliers all over the world and one of our very favorites aspects of the process - creating unique opportunities and opening doors for our clients. 

The very best support.  Our excellent in destination partners provide you with 24/7 contact information for any issue so our clients can travel with complete peace of mind.  

Allison Collier Travel

A boutique travel agency bringing you the very best in luxury travel.

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Trust us, we’ll work with your ideas, interests, and goals. Leave the details to us!  

Welcome to 

Welcome to Allison Collier Travel

Kind Words from Clients

We cannot say enough great things about Allison Collier Travel! Allison is our go-to expert for every trip we take. She takes the time to understand our vacation goals, and always delivers an outstanding experience at a great value. The moment we even begin to think about our next vacation, she is our first call!

- Leslie H

"Allison was wonderful to work with on our 12 day adventure to Alaska! We saw highlights that included the Northern Lights, Glaciers and Brown Bears. All of our excursions were seamlessly stitched together. We got to see Alaska from many different points of view staying in elegant lodging and traveling on trains, planes, boats and autos. We’ll definitely work with her again!"

- Laura B

"Our family has used Allison to plan (3) different trips. She has done a fantastic job in arranging all of the trip details. Our visit to Italy was very memorable! She found terrific guides for each of our main attractions, and the hotels and activities she arranged were outstanding! Allison was easy to reach and always friendly during the planning of the trips, and she seems to have great knowledge of interesting and beautiful places to visit. We highly recommend Allison if you need assistance planning a vacation or special trip!"

- Andrew B

"Everything down to the last detail was handled. Made for the most relaxing and fun trip with my family. Allison does an excellent job of organizing your trip based on what you’re looking for in addition to giving great options and suggestions. Very knowledgeable and always does an excellent job. I have used her many times and will continue to use Allison for all of my travel."

- Kate H

"Allison was a total life saver! We loved every minute of our trip and couldn't recommend Allison more! She handled all of the details that we did not want to be bothered with so we could focus on the vacation. The hotel she booked in Rome was such an incredible surprise... the most amazing spa experience that was so perfect after a day of traveling. She is so organized and pleasant and will plan all of our trips from now on! I cannot imagine if we had tried to go to Italy without her expertise."

- Andrea B

"Allison was awesome! We were a big group which creates challenges to please everyone. Allison's attention to detail (the little things do matter) catered to everyone's interests but more importantly made for a very special and memorable vacation."

- Erika L

"Very easy! She was accessible, flexible and knowledgeable! She listened to what I wanted and planned accordingly! We were so happy with our trip!"

- Meredith W

"Allison went above and beyond and was everything I had hoped for in a travel advisor. I recommend her highly!"

- Katherine H

We look forward to wholeheartedly serving our clients within the inspiring world of travel. Thrilled to plan a trip anywhere, anytime!

We are confident that our detailed research and planning process combined with opportunities available through our preferred partners all over the world will create amazing trips to suit a unique range of requirements and desires.... a multi-generation vacation that each age group will enjoy, a romantic escape from the daily grind, an exotic adventure trip. Allison Collier Travel anticipates inspiring, creating and executing just the right trip for each and everyone of our clients.  

Life well-lived, travel well-planned. 

Our Goal


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Travel is a part of a life well lived.

And, I just love getting to know my clients - their unique travel needs and expectations in order to research and create a well planned trip that’s just right for them. 

It is inspiring and illuminating.

–   Allison Collier

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