About Us

Allison Collier Travel was founded in 2016. Our mission is to provide thoroughly researched, well-planned and financially practical travel services in order to enhance our clients’ lives through travel.

Exploring and learning about new places is a pleasure with just the right itinerary in place.

We invest time into researching, planning, and employing our worldwide travel network of preferred suppliers for each trip. And, as a member of the Virtuoso travel consortia we have the power to create exceptional experiences for our clients, enhancing trips from beginning to end. 

Founder of Allison Collier Travel

As an eternal student of the world I love learning about and visiting new destinations. People often ask what my favorite trip has been and my answer is, I enjoy it all- from the gardens of Japan to the beaches of St Barths!   

Working in the travel industry is a perfect fit for my personality as it requires an understanding of logistical details, strong organizational skills, a passion for learning and a desire to work with people. A perfect combo for me!

As well as being a travel adviser I have a family including three college aged children, two dogs and one loving husband. I embrace the challenges of family travel as well as the challenges of vacationing without the family. I fully understand the absolute enjoyment of experiencing interesting things and celebrating life with the people you love.  

About Allison

I love getting to know my clients, their interests, preferences and expectations for the trip. I want a sense of life well lived to follow my clients wherever their travels take them - a trip well planned.  


My life as a southerner inspires a deep-rooted sense of hospitality, a fondness for conversation and pursuit of life well lived

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